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 For upcoming filmmakers and prospective television producers, ‘getting discovered’ is always one of the principle objectives.  While some filmmakers and television script writers toil in away working their way up the ranks for ‘OPP’ (other peoples productions) some have discovered that there is an alternative to this that enables them to have creative control of a project of their choosing which can be distributed to the public at a fraction of the cost of even the most low-budget film or cable television show.  That alternative is, The Web Series.

 While Web Series are not new by any stretch of the imagination they have been picking up steam to the point where now there are many viewers who subscribe to online webisodes from independent producers as part of their daily entertainment.  Web series produced by independent producers from places as remote as Harrisburg, Pennsylvania can catch fire and put writers, producers and actors on the map.  (See the link to an article on Hamilton Street Below)

 With this new genre of entertainment firmly establishing itself in our entertainment landscape, the competition for entertaining, well produced web series is now at a fever pitch., and the increase in consumer attention has drawn the interest of the Hollywood as they seek to cherry pick the “next big thing” that could be transformed into the next summer blockbuster or perhaps the next prime time hit.  The best example of this would be Fred.  The quirky teenager began making comedy videos on YouTube and was the first to attract over one million subscribers to his channel. This resulted in Fred being signed by Nickelodeon, which granted him a three-picture deal for the network.  Fred went from “ashy to classy” very quickly as he graduated from self producing his own videos to being paid handsomely to act in videos produced by a major cable network!  Fred (whose real name is Lucas Cruikshank) struck his gold on you tube, but you tube is not the only avenue for the independent film/television producer.  There are multiple sights that want your content and would welcome your production, that cover almost every genre of both film and television.  Now, while everyone certainly cannot expect to achieve the success of Lucas “Fred” Cruikshank, you never know where you can achieve your big break!

 In short, a web series may be just what you need to jump start a long and productive career. 


Best of luck to you!

Chad Morton

Managing Partner / SMASH Entertainment LLC.


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